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Vice Dean of Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague

Professor of Physical Geography at Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague.

Head of Research Group of Hydrology, integrating hydrological research at the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology, Founder and head of hyDRONE - research group aimed at research and applications of unmanned imaging technologies in hydrology and physical geography.

Graduated from Charles University in Prague in Physical Geography (1993), studied at Universite de Paris 1 – Sorbonne (1991), University of Amsterdam (1993). PhD Thesis on Mathematical Modelling of Water Quality at Charles University in Prague (1999). Post-doc stay at Université de Strasbour (2001).
Certificate in Professional Management at Open University Business School (2005). 
Associated professor in Physical Geography at Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague (2010) - Geoinformatic analysis and modeling the risk processes in hydrology.
Full professor in Physical Geography at Charles University (2017) 

Since 1994 member of the department, since 2000-6 scientific secretary of the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, 2006-9 deputy head of the Department. 
Award of Faculty of Science for excellent results in research management and in pedagogical activities (2004). 
Vice Dean of Faculty of Science, Charles University, responsible for Geographical Departments and information technologies (2010-16).
Since 2016 Vice Dean of Faculty of Science, Charles University, responsible for Public Relations and Information Technologies.

The research focused on the impacts of landscape disturbance on runoff response and fluvial dynamics, the impact of environmental changes on the course and consequences of floods and changes of hydromorphological status of streams. Application of the hydroinformatic approaches and advanced field monitoring techniques; in particular hydrodynamic and machine learning models, automated sensor networks, applications of the UAVs (drones) and remote sensing for non-invasive surveying of hydrological processes. Applied research in risk processes modeling.

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Guarantor of bachelor study programme Hydrology and Hydrogeology

Leading lectures on Floods and landscape (master), Applications of geoinformatics in physical geography (master), Water quality (master) and participating in lectures Ecology of freshwater systems (master), Modeling of physiographic processes (master). 

Lecture websites: Floods in LandscapeGeoinformatics in Physical GeographySurface Water Quality.

Leading PhD and Master students theses oriented in hydrology, water quality and modeling in hydrology. 7 Ph.D., 19 MSc and 20 Bc theses defended so far.

Link to Actual topics of bachelor and master theses 

Link to  Actual topics of PhD theses projects 

Research projects: 
(selected recent projects)

UAS monitoring of river systems response to forest disturbance (EU COST Action CA16219, LTC 19024, 2019-21)
Spatial and temporal dynamics of hydrometeorological extremes in montane areas (Czech Science Foundation GAČR 19-05011S, 2019-21)
Impact of landscape disturbance on the stream and basin connectivity (EU COST Action 1306, LD15130, 2015-17, 2015-2017) 
The impact of disturbance on the dynamics of fluvial processes in mountain landscapes" (Czech Science Foundation, 2012-14)

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